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  • How long does the preservation process take?
    You can expect your preserved flowers to be shipped to your home 12-18weeks after your wedding date.
  • Can you preserved my flowers if my wedding is not in Asheville?
    Yes, of course! You will need to ship your bouquet and other florals, if wanted, to us within 48 hours.
  • Will my flowers look exactly the same?
    This is a tough question. You're flowers will not look 100% as they did from your florist. The flower preservation process affects all flowers differently. For example, white flowers typically become off white. Red's can turn into dark red, magenta or burgundy. We are currently in the process of mastering color enhancement, to ensure the perfect color. This is still in the experimental stages.
  • When should I ship my flowers to the studio?
    ASAP. This allows for us to receive the flowers before bruising, wilting and other natural causes. We expect to have your flowers within 48 hours of your wedding day.
  • What is the best way to ship the flowers?
    Allow room for the flowers to breath and have space. If they are pressed together, they tend to mold a lot quicker. We also advise you place the stems in water tubes or wrapped in a wet cloth. Feel free to cut the stems (an inch), so they can continue to drink. Do not place stems in a zip-lock baggie during the summer heat. This will create warm water and cause the flowers to wilt immediately. Never place your flowers in the refrigerator.
  • What if my flower arrive in poor condition?
    We will design with your flowers if they still look good. If your flowers are molded or petals are falling apart, we will issue a 75% refund. The designer will make this call, once the flowers arrive at the studio. You will be notified via email if your flowers are un-workable. Do not place your flowers in the refrigerator.
  • Can you preserve other items with our flowers?
    Absolutely. We must factor in size and depth to assure it will fit into the resin. We can place invitations, pictures, ribbon etc. Place it in the box with your flowers.
  • Can all flowers be pressed/preserved?
    Most can, but some can't. For example: Proteas, BillyBalls and other thick/hard flowers can't be press, or used in "Shallow Pours". We can use just about anything for deep pours.
  • How early should I book preservation?
    ASAP. We are only taking a limited amount of bouquets each week.
  • Why won't it let me reserve my date?
    Unfortunately, if it won't let you book on your date, we are fully booked.
  • Do I only send my bridal bouquet?
    This is up to you. You can ask your florist to set aside additional flowers for preservation, to avoid bruising/decay. You can send us flowers from a centerpiece, if they look better. You can even send additional flowers to ensure top quality.
  • What is the address we are shipping the flowers to?
    We will send you further shipping details 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. We will send this via email.
  • Can you send me design options before finalizing my project.
    Of course, we want you to be happy with your product. We will send 3 design options to you via email. You must request this options. Please request this during your check out process.
  • Will you design flowers that I've dried myself?
    This is dependent on the condition of the flowers. Please email us details and photos.
  • I really want a different object/shape. Can you help with this?
    YES! We'd love to. Shoot us an email, and we can talk details/pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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